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Monique AlexanderMeet Monique Alexander!

Introducing our new Vivid Girl for 2008, Monique Alexander. Here's a sneak peek of Monique, and her expert sex advice.
Lillie Pelligrue
Island Lust

(March 1)
Cabin fever? Let this March fantasy by Lillie Pelligrue help you make March hot: "He knows how to tease me blind. And he stopped just short of making me cum. I felt my clit beat a couple of times in frustration. I ached to come. But he left me standing there like, naked in the sand, as he went to his backpack and started pulling things out. He was setting up his lair."
Diana Dillinger
OhMiBod! (A Review)

(January 9)
"After that, all hell broke loose (in the best possible way). Unable to hear my own moans of passion, I went wild." This hot new vibe that jacks into your MP3 player sent Diana Dillinger into ecstasy. Read her review.

Angel Rios
Giving Great Aphrodisiac

(December 14)
"Whether this concoction is smelled or eaten, research has found it increases blood flow to the male genitals. Since it's the holiday season, why not use your baking skills to help you get a little action." Wild girl Angel Rios gives us some holiday heaters for lagging libidos. Check out her tips inside.
Sephera Giron
What will you Give and Recieve?

(December 1)
"You both have perverted fantasies so communicate your desires. You may be surprised at how much fun you have." Who's lucky tarotscope is this? Find out what you might be giving and recieving in December with Sephera Giron's tarotscope reading for your December.
Diana Dillinger
Stuffing the Broad

(November 23)
“'Mmmm… I’d like to get properly stuffed this year,' I think. And immediately I start dreaming up plots to get my hungry holes stuffed-to-bursting." Diana Dillinger does inflatable toys in this rare, sexy, informative article.
Tristan Taormino
Pussy Licker

(November 7)
"The first time I had my kisser on another woman's box, I assumed that I could just do what I thought I liked done to me. But once you're down there, it's a whole different story." For those who find pussy finger-licking good, advice from Tristan Taormino will help you get a good mouth full.
What*s up, Masquerade Month?

(October 11)
"This year you will find topics such as masturbation, strap on fun, how to attract the opposite sex, how to strip, kink 101 and how to make sex toys from things around the house, among many others." A report on the Mascapades from Toronto.

Also, share what's going on in your area.
C.J. Watson
Bridging the Gap Through Gangbang

(September 12)
"Marie was a bit quiet in this one compared to her very vocal appearances in gonzo style porn, but on the other hand she did have the head of John's cock lodged between her tongue and tonsils which would make it a little difficult for her to scream Fuck me in my ass, you fucking White Boy." Porn junkie C.J. Watson shares some of the hottest porn in her very . This time it's Gangland White Boy Stomp 15.
Diana Dillinger
Splish, Splash, Make Me Cum in the Bath

(August 30)
"Baths, showers, and hot tubs, actually ‒ anywhere that gives me an excuse to get naked, wet, and soapy. I’m pathologically addicted to holding my pussy up to the jets on a whirlpool tub." Soap slut Diana Dillinger offers some splashy bath toys to help you come through the end of summer.
C.J. Watson
Gangbang Comic Relief

(August 29)
"The Gangbang Squad emerges like Black versions of Superman to teach young tramps the dangers of meeting guys at the bus stop and then spending the next hour gobbling down their dicks. You might just end up ass naked ... with cum dripping from your chin." Porn junkie C.J. Watson parts the seas of porn to let members in on the choice catch of the day. This time she came up with Gangbang Squad 7.
Daily Kitty
Review: Hard Time

(August 26)
"I think I speak for a lot of women when I say that nothing gets me wetter than watching guys whack themselves off to climax, and while my fingers are fast, I did find myself having to rewind to catch the beginning of the next scene." Read how Hard Time drove reviewer Daily Kitty to some fast finger action in this hotter-than-hot DVD review.
CJ Watson
Now That*s What I Call Fucking: Volume I

(June 27)
"A couple of the scenes packed heat. Including one in which a group of eight blondes and brunettes lick each other's snatches and pile-drive one another with loud and colorful vibes on a Queen sized bed." Having invested fistfuls of dollars in online porn sites, reviewer CJ Watson unloads the lo down on where to go and what to avoid.
Tristan Taormino
A “Somewhat Open” Relationship?

(June 27)
"Recently, Steve met a woman at a local social event and she hit on him. While he flirted a little, he told her he was married, and they went their separate ways. Later that night, Steve relayed the story to Sara." What happens when "open marriage" gets into a sticky situation? Read Tristan Taormino's advice.
Jack Chesterfield
Vini Vidi DaVinci

(June 23)
"The lipstick sparkles, the overdone eyeshadow draws the eye, the pussy glistens and writhes under the tongue -- and this call girl we later learn is called "Lotus Flower" (what else?) has a very pretty pussy indeed -- dark with unique shadings that make the pink innards look all the more juicy." It's another wild DVD review.
El Jefe GiggiloKill Thrill (Review)

(May 11)
"This ghostly temptress can really take a large dick down her throat, her eyes open wide, her cheeks buldge out and her head moves back as she makes room for one of the monstrous cocks. Apparently one of the advantages to death is the loss of the gag reflex." It's a bizarre film, part art-horror and part porn. Check out El Jefe's review.
Greta Christina
Slingers Party

"I love being spread open wide, with my pussy and my clit as naked and exposed as I can get them. It feels so filthy..." The sex sling starts with sex but has great bondage possibilities. Read Greta Christina's review of this hot toy.
Tristan Taormino
How to Use Your Mouth (to Talk About Sex)

Written Exclusively for Our Members!

"For weeks, Jake worked up to one finger inside her butt while he licked her pussy. Not only did it feel good to Jen, but she could come that way." In her work with couples, Butt girl and sex enthusiast Tristan Taormino reveals how open mouths open doors.
Greta Christina
I*m Your Venus

"Being the mad sensory overload junkie that I am, you'd think I'd be all over the gigantic toys with the bumps and ridges and grooves and things. But my pussy isn't like that. God knows my clit is. My clit is always demanding more, more, more:" Read Greta Christina's very intimate review of the Venus Pyrex dildo.
Socrates Smith
I Only Love Filthy Sluts

"She goes on foot, because finding men who want to fuck porn stars is a pretty easy business. So easy, in fact, that she doesn’t even need to offer money -- pussy is its own reward." An unlikely twist on a familiar porn concept -- check out Socrates Smith's review of I Only Love Filthy Sluts.
Summer Fey Foovay
Give Your Lover a Sexy Lap Dance

"I was an erotic dancer when I met my lover (in a club) and he has seen me on stage hundreds of times, but nothing compares to a personal, private erotic dance..." Former stripper Summer Fey Foovay shares erotic dance tips, for a hot Valentine's date and beyond.
Sephera Giron
Rough, Tough, in the Buff

"As girls were pinned or rolled into uncompromising positions, the men got whiplash trying to follow all the juicy spreads and gaping pussies before their eyes." Sephera Giron reports from her ideal seats well above ringside at the latest shenanigans of Carmen Electra's Naked Women's Wrestling League.
Tristan Taormino
Is My Wife a Closet Dominatrix?

Written Exclusively for Our Members!

"He had never done anything like that with Sandra or any of his past lovers. He told me he felt suspicious that she’d been hiding this stuff from him. He was not sure how he felt about this new side of her." In her work with couples, Butt girl and sex enthusiast Tristan Taormino finds that a lover who develops an adventurous streak is not always greeted with open arms.
Tristan Taormino
Growing Pains

Written Exclusively for Our Members!

"After she had their son three years ago, she told him that 'it wasn’t right' for them to do some of the things they used to do in bed. When I asked for specifics, she said things like anal sex, spanking, and role playing."
Tristan Taormino talks about maintaining hot sex with a partner after your sexual tastes change.
Mark J. KingFuck Me If You Can

"...trembling thighs while her perfect ass gets fucked, big eyes when she glances at the camera like a stripper looking at a presidential Rolex, long angelic blonde hair, pouty lips eager to swallow cock, and impossibly flawless tits." Read Mark J. King's slap-happy review of this Private DVD.
Sephera Giron
If Size Matters, How Can You Be Sure?

"While studying the Kama Sutra, I realized that the lovely lady in question must be what the sutras refer to as an 'elephant.'" Check out Sephera Giron's amusing advice on how to find size that satisfies.
Tristan Taormino
Britesmile for Bungholes

Been hearing about "anal bleaching"? Tristan Taormino went straight to the bottom of things, Pink Cheeks Salon in L.A., to research the procedure.
Tristan Taormino
Butt Jewelry and Other Tails

"I know lots of women who can’t take anything in their ass without something working their clit." Read Tristan Taormino's anal advice on clits and butts, girls who get mouthy in malls, where to find anal jewelry, and more.
Tristan Taormino
Naughty in N'awlins

"Over 1,600 swingers were set to take over an entire hotel and invade Louisiana: How could I miss that?" Tristan Taormino tells of a New Orleans event that rocked her world.

In fond dedication, we offer this article to the memory of New Orleans, the wild way she was.
Tristan Taormino
Who Does Your Pubic Hair?

Tristan Taormino has done it this time: At long last, someone asks the really important questions about shaving snatch.
Tristan Taormino
Rear Guard: My Date With Howard Stern

Can you say butt plug? Find out as Tristan reveals behind-the-scenes secrets about the Howard Stern Show.
Greta Christina
Mighty Real

A movie where the sex is all natural and it's not porn? The advice of porn reviewer GRETA CHRISTINA: "You absolutely cannot miss this one."
Miranda Alvarez
A Hand in the Bush: A Review

Open wide, adventurous ladies, and let a fist in -- Deborah Addington reveals how its done.

"Why, if orgasms are so to die for, do we women fake them?" -- Read the cunnilingus confessions of Kate Rose, reformed faker.
Lady Bastet
What’s a Nice Girl Like You…Doing in an Adult Theater?:

"If you want to know how to 'spot' a potential playmate at an adult theatre, I suggest you read on"--Lady Bastet. >>>>>>><<<<<<<
Tristan Taormino
Rear Guard: My Date With Howard Stern

TRISTAN TAORMINO goes on the Howard Stern Show. Did she have fun? Was she nervous? Did she mind being called a slut? Read about it inside.
Sex Dating Editors with Jusdewit8Deep Matters

Sex Dating's livewire ladies, like Jusdewit8, can make a guy's searching and winking all worthwhile. Meet the deep-throating Jusdewit8 as she talks about her adventures on Sex Dating.
M. Christian
Approaching a Dominant Woman

Advice columnist M. CHRISTIAN takes on the question: How to handle the woman who's going to handle you. Plus: to swing or not to swing.
Lisa ChavezEating Out, or Table for One, Serves Two

GOOD CUNNILINGUS -- the simple game that few have mastered.
Lisa Chavez with Justron9000
Triple (or More) Your Success on the Site!

If you're not participating in the Magazine's member-driven Advice Lines, you might want to read how Justron9000 has more than tripled his success. And it's addictive, too.
M. Christian
All Tied Up, No Place to Go; The Art of Sensous Bondage

Meet our new advice columnist M. CHRISTIAN. And while we're at it, let's talk about sexy bondage.
Geoff Smullins
Foreplay Helper

What romance novels can teach about how women enjoy sex, perceive sex, want sex.
Geoff Smullins
Foreplay by Number

If men can orgasm from arousal in 8 minutes, while it takes women 20, what's a guy to do to while away the minutes until blast-off?
Tristan Taormino
Slow Jizz Fizz

Tristan Taormino tells why anal sex puts a smile on a lady's cheeks. Plus, for squirting dildos, here's Chef Tristan's recipe for scrumptious cum.
Tristan Taormino
Bottom Liberation

"Buttgirl" Tristan Taormino answers butt-love questions, like what to do when your partner is "wierded out" because you mentioned butt play.
Tristan Taormino
Pump up Your Clit

Tristan Taormino tries the penile pump on her clitoris and tells the wet and wild story of her swell results right here.
Tristan Taormino
How Deep can you Go?

In her advice column, the Anal Advisor, sexpert Tristan Taormino explores the dark recesses of the behind.
Langston DuhamelPerfect Pussy or Quick Dick?

One of our members wanted to know about her two-minute man. And the results are in.
Maris LemieuxGetting a Charge out of Sex

Dial up your shivers and shudders and tingles. The new world of e-stim electrifies sex.
Tristan Taormino
Making Butt Play Smooth and Fun

"Buttgirl" Tristan Taormino answers butt-love questions, like how to make sure your woman has as much pleasure as you while you're pumping her derriere.
Tristan Taormino
Beginning Butt Play Made Easy

Butt girl Tristan Taormino tells you how to make first-time anal sex a smooth, easy, yummy experience.
Geoff SmullinsTales of Hymen

Is she really a virgin? And if so, what should you do? The fine art of fucking a virgin.
Emory MellistosTricks with Toys

The sex toy world is vast. Rather than try to learn everything about it before jumping in, try adding a sex toy to an old favorite activity -- the blow job for example.
Maris LemieuxThe Big One and More

Part three of our sexual massage program takes you inside the love canals, yes inside, on both men and women.
Lisa Chavez"What About the Crotch Shot?"

You're trying to make your AFF profile as hot as it can be. So just how well does the crotch shot stack up? Find out what AFF members decided.
Maris LemieuxFull Exposure

With "World Naturists Day" on June 6 and "The World Naked Bike Ride" putting bare ass on bikes, June 12, June should be a good month for nudes and the peepers who love them.
Shayla PandavaMore May Masturbation

There's more to say about the Masturbation Month of May. Part 2 of our celebration of Masturbation Month is dedicated to the toys and tools of masturbation, then and now.
Lisa ChavezTake it all Off

Shaving the private parts is a rapidly growing trend for sexually active people. If you haven't had the pleasure of denuded nether regions no need to squirm at the thought…
Lisa Chavez"It's in his Kiss" (II)

On the first date, many a woman considers The Kiss the deal breaker. If the kiss is good, she's ready to roll. If it's bad, [I]she'll hit the road.[/I] And yet apparently, the [COLOR red]kiss[/COLOR] is love's best kept secret.
Maris LemieuxWhat to do When the Sex Goes Away (III)

When your sex life with the partner you love has been in the deep freeze for far too long, it's not time for talk, it's time for action: Extreme frosts and how to melt them.
Maris LemieuxWhat to do When the Sex Goes Away (II)

When you look around and notice your sex life with your partner is flat on the mat and down for the count, it's not time for talk, it's time for action.
Maris LemieuxWhen the Sex Goes Away (I)

When the sex goes away, it's probably not because you're unattractive. Or unloved, for that matter. Still, you look around and notice your sex life is flat on the mat and down for the count -- what does it mean?
Maris LemieuxThe Love Drugs (III)

You want to fan the flames of desire, but subtly; so desire moves in on little stealth wings. There's nothing more subtle and convincing than approach by aroma.
Maris LemieuxThe Love Drugs (II)

Bees do it. And it's all because of pheromones. Do human pheromones work the same way? Will just a dab of pheromones behind the ears make you a sex magnet?
Maris LemieuxThe Love Drugs (I)

You want that love potion, don't you? Ah, Aphrodisiacs. Spanish Fly, Jimson Weed, Mandrake -- these are the names that come to mind from the horny halls of history. Do they work?
Shayla PandavaWhy Not Try Carnival in Rio? (Update)

Eat drink and be merry, for after Fat Tuesday we behave. In that way, Carnival's like Mardi Gras only sunnier, hotter, bigger, lustier. And it sambas.
Shayla PandavaSmooth Swinging for First Timers

Your first swinger party? Just remember, the first time out, you don't have to get lucky, you just have to have fun.
Maris LemieuxHave a Sexy Day -- Valentine or No

Whether the Valentine in your life is new, familiar, or make believe, you can have a Valentine's Day full of hot sensuality.
Maris LemieuxRocky Romance

Be prepared to take action long before your relationship hits rocky terrain. A secret stash of Rocky Romance Tips might just help you avoid a landslide.
Ellen TreboretImprove your pictures on the site

Face it, it's the picture that counts when you are wandering the world of online dating - so how to improve yours? Take these few simple steps.